Since March 23rd the UK has been in lockdown, many other countries paved the way including China, Spain, France and of course Italy. The lockdown and the crazy rules that has come with it, has been branded the “New Normal”, which angers me, this tyranny should not be normalised.

We have nationally and internationally been fooled with fake mainstream news, with fake, disturbing imagery (manikins / dummy bodies in body bags portrayed as real bodies), inflated infection rates, inflated death rates, predictions etc. This has allowed for our basic human rights to be stripped from under us by perception deception.

The media have frightened the masses to extremes, with some people not leaving their home for months and still isolating today. I’ve also seen many people idiotically wearing a mask whilst driving solo in their own vehicle, it’s complete madness. 

People have ignorantly clapped every Thursday at 8pm from their front door or windows, all in the name of our precious NHS, who now have a 10 million backlog of patients awaiting treatments, diagnoses and more, including 2.4 million cancer patients (either awaiting vital screening, diagnoses or treatment).

The ramifications for many who have missed diagnoses is unthinkable. Ironically, we’re told these actions have been necessary to protect overwhelming the NHS, SAVE LIVES, and protect the vulnerable. Needless to say, that this has not been successful.

The only thing this has allowed is free time for doctors and nurses (potentially those not working in ICU) to record tik tok’s.

COVID-19 Stats

Only recently we have been told that patients without symptoms are not driving the spread of the virus according to the World Health Organization (WHO) officials. During the UK coronavirus briefing (11/06) we have also been told that 70-80% of people who “test positive” do not have any symptoms, all this tells me is that lock down and social distancing has been completely unnecessary.

We know that 98.6% of those who test positive recover and 1.4% have a fatal outcome. In the UK the fatality rate also includes those who were never tested.

We also need to note that deaths being linked and classed as coronavirus deaths are beyond ridiculous, to the point of you could be hit by a car and die but your death certificate will state “death with COVID-19”, this is the reality we live in now.

Do you ever wonder why the media state “So and so died today” or “x amount of people died today after testing positive for COVID-19”? Let me reiterate “AFTER TESTING POSITIVE FOR COVID-19” NOT DIED OF IT, died with it…

It’s also important to know that the test doesn’t detect COVID-19 nor viral load, therefore the only conclusion I have is that the test is completely redundant, just a way of collecting DNA for who knows what use. But let’s go with it, put that aside and see what else the data is telling us….

Looking at statistics, specifically New York stats (which the worldometer has used as a baseline example) the crude death rate is 0.2%, if we look at the whole world population than death rate would be something like 0.005%, and this is a pandemic?

 I want to put this into perspective, understand that there are far greater dangers and ramifications from the oppression of our rights that this propaganda and fake pandemic has caused. Not just economically, but to our physical and mental health.

If you want to understand real widespread issues in the world, try to comprehend this:

  • 1 in 9 people in the world haven’t got access to enough food and are malnourished, including in first world countries, and this year alone (to date) just under 5 Million people in the world have died of hunger
  • Over 800 Million people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water.
  • Over 4.3 Million tons of toxic chemicals have been released into the environment this year alone (just think about what that can do to our health)
  • The last stat i’d like to highlight is that over 475,000 people have committed suicide so far this year, and a spike has been seen since COVID-19

stats from

None of the above is in mainstream news, however this is a bigger cause for concern than a virus, which is not deemed a high consequence infectious disease.

The Conspirators

Through this all, one prevalent evil known as Bill Gates (who should be tried in court for crimes against humanity) is trying to push his eugenics depopulation agenda.  This man, who has absolutely no medical background is now the 2nd largest founder of WHO, meaning there is absolutely no way the information received by this organisation can be trusted, considering he paid them to declare COVID-19 as a pandemic.

He pushes his vaccine to the masses for his personal agenda, “it’s the only way to save the world”, all I can say is fuck off Gates. There is no way on earth will I ever allow my child to be vaccinated with this or any other vaccine for that matter. Even seemingly tested vaccines have cost the US over $4 BILLION2 in vaccine damage payments, and the UK over £60 MILLION1. This only to a hand full of people who beat the system.

Another culprit pushing this agenda is Neil Ferguson, this is the scientist who advised Boris Johnson to lock down the country based on bullshit statistics, using the same system that predicted the ice poles would have melted by now. This idiot has himself broken the lock down rules to spend time with his mistress.

 In addition, we all witnessed how Cummings broke the rules to test his “eye sight” by driving 200 miles with his kids, all I can say to that is “pull the other one”, anyone who believes that story is a complete moron in my eyes.

There are many other conspirators, but all you need to do is watch Event 201 to understand how sinister this really is.

These tyrants have been laughing at us all, they have been living their lives as normal, while we all stayed imprisoned in our homes fighting with our mental health.

The Agenda

This is about control of the masses by integration of AI, we only need to look to the East to see the type of society they want us all living in, watched and controlled. The virus is merely smoke and mirrors, a complete distraction, a Trojan horse if you will.

China has seen implementation of AI face recognition cameras, which can find a single person in seconds. Technology like this has helped enable the rollout of social credit scores, which allows manipulation against freedom of choice, blacklisting for negative behaviours and allowing privilege to those who display positive behaviours determined by the state.

Policing this sort of thing may be difficult, but getting peoples neighbours to police each other makes it easy. This principle applies in the UK, neighbours dobbing on neighbours for breaking lock down rules, this was just apart of conditioning for such compliance, and those sleepwalking in life, obeyed.

5G is also connected to this, things like driverless cars need to be connected to 5G to work. Smart motorways have been implemented in the UK (hard shoulders taken away, meaning nowhere safe to stop for miles if your car breaks down) specifically for the future implementation of driverless cars, and this has already caused many fatalities, all for the sake of an AI controlled society of sorts. they can control your vehicle they can control where you can go….

This is extremely dangerous for our future, but other articles paint driverless cars as safe, but at what cost to human beings. With 5G networks radiating at us at unsafe frequencies, and people dying on “smart” motorways the blood is on the hands of the government for allowing this. 

The truth is, they don’t want us thinking for ourselves or making our own judgements, we are cattle to them, just a number, and all you need to do is look into UCC laws to understand this.

People have stayed in watching TV, drinking themselves into a state of insensibility, becoming conditioned to this narrative.

They have told us to disinfect our own homes every day, why? To be afraid of being in our own homes as well as outdoors? We should not be afraid of either. Doing these things excessively limits our exposure to everyday germs, which we as humans need to expose ourselves to for a healthy immune system.

By limiting germs, the immune system is weakened, which can be detrimental for us once lock down is lifted, particularly if you have been religiously following what you have been told to do. This simply demystifies the “predicted” (planned) second wave.

Once lock down lifts and people are finally integrating as normal without masks and gloves (which I have not been using), and are exposed to everyday germs, they may be more susceptible to viruses, particularly those with underlying health issues.

I’m no medic, but all anyone can do to combat this is to rebuild their immune system, taking Vitamin A, C, D, zinc, and a dose of black seed oil, this can all help strengthen your immune system. In addition, cut down on sugar and eat healthier.

Time To Wake Up

This isn’t a “new normal”, this is mass manipulation for an unpromising future, and people need to stop sleepwalking into this hunger games society.

I’m sorry that this message isn’t what you want to hear, but I’m not here to wrap you up in cotton wool, I’m here to slap you into a woken state of mind.

I ask you, what would be your limit?  What would it take for you to stop and think that something is not right?

I understand that once you start to question what you have always believed to be true is unsettling, it’s like a rug has been pulled from under you, you see the world in a whole new perspective and it’s fucking ugly.

The truth is, for many of us our belief system is manipulated by mainstream media and reinforced by our peers who accept the same narrative. Accepting an alternative truth is deemed crazy, a “conspiracy theory”, but the truth is that the CIA coined this term as a slur to discredit alternative views to that of mainstream narrative.

Whether you believe this is a real pandemic or not is not relevant at this point, if you have the slightest feeling that something is not right, which if you have taken the time  to read to this point suggest that maybe you do, then take action and help the fight for humanity, for us and for generations to come.

What Can You Do?

You may think what can you do for something that isn’t in your control, well the first thing to do is to stop thinking that it’s not within your control. The power has always been with us, the few running the world cannot control the many, if the many do not comply.

You can do what you feel is right in your gut; Petition for a public enquiry, petition for the COVID bill to be revoked, refuse to download the track and trace app. You can write to your local MP about anything that is violating your human rights, such as mandatory wearing of masks on public transport, queuing for an hour just to get into your local supermarket etc, anything that violates your freedom of choice.

The only thing I strongly discourage is violence, it is not the answer, this helps nothing but feed this agenda.

We need unity, no segregation. No one person in this world is more important than the other, whether you sweep the street, collect bins, work at a supermarket checkout, flip burgers or work as a CEO. Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or other. Whether you a straight, gay, gender fluid, trans or other, these are all just labels of segregation.

We should not be fighting against each other; we should respect each other and our differences. We all need to unite to fight the biggest cause of all, the fight against humanity, for true peace. 

The more people who wake up to this and fight for the truth, the more hope there is for humanity.

Truly…stay safe.

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